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I am an “out-of-network provider” which means I do not participate “in-network” with any insurance plans. This allows me to truly tailor services to each client’s needs. Upon request, I am happy to provide you with the necessary form (called a “superbill”) to submit to your insurance company for “out of network” (OON) reimbursement. Each insurance plan is different, so if you are interested in getting OON reimbursement, it is important to contact your insurance company directly to find out what your OON benefits are.

(Click here for a list of helpful questions to ask your insurance carrier.)

Rates for typical services are as follows:

  • Initial 60 minute evaluation/consultation: $185

  • Individual therapy session (50-60min): $170

  • Individual therapy session (35-45min): $155

  • Individual therapy session (16-30min): $90

  • Family treatment session (45-60min): $170


CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact me by phone or email with 24 hours advanced notice in order to avoid late cancellation or “missed appointment” charges. These fees are billed directly to you and cannot be submitted for insurance reimbursement.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Recommendations regarding the frequency of visits is usually determined by the individual needs of each client/family. Therefore, these matters will be discussed at the end of your first appointment. If attendance to sessions is inconsistent and/or infrequent, this may impact the overall success of treatment. As a result, the continuation of treatment may be impacted if sessions are not maintained according to treatment recommendations.

PRIVACY POLICY: The privacy of your treatment information is extremely important. All records are maintained through a fully compliant electronic medical record system. Upon the initial meeting, you will receive my "Notice of Privacy Practices" which outlines how I keep your records confidential.


The No Surprises Act was passed in December 2020, under Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, with the aim of protecting consumers from receiving unexpected medical bills.

The Good Faith Estimate provision of the No Surprises Act federally mandates that “out-of-network” healthcare providers must give clients an estimate of anticipated healthcare items and services, using what is called a “Good Faith Estimate.” This took effect on January 1, 2022.

Here is additional information on the customers rights under the No Surprises Act, along with more information about a Good Faith Estimate.


Where are you located?
I am located at 302 West Main Street in Avon, CT.  This location is convenient to nearby towns such as Simsbury, West Harford, Farmington and Canton.  Contact me here!


Do you see clients in person?
Yes, I see clients in office or via telehealth, whichever option my client prefers.


Do you see clients virtually?
Yes, for clients who prefer telehealth, I use a secure HIPAA compliant platform that allows us to meet virtually.


What insurances do you accept?
I am an “out-of-network provider” which means I do not participate “in-network” with any insurance plans. I am happy to provide clients with the necessary form (called a “superbill”) to submit to your insurance company for “out of network” (OON) reimbursement. Whether your insurance will reimburse, and how much, depends on your plan.


Do you submit insurance claims on my behalf?
I do not. Clients are responsible for payment at time of services. I accept cash, check, all major credit cards and HAS cards. I am happy to provide my clients with the necessary claim form (“superbill”). It is the responsibility of the client to submit their claims to their insurance.

How do I know what my out-of-network (OON) benefits are?
It is the client’s responsibility to contact your insurance company to find out about your insurance policy and associated benefits. Here is a list of questions that may be helpful when contacting your insurance company about OON benefits.

Payment & Fees
No Surprises Act

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302 West Main St, Suite 201
Avon, CT 06001

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